Emo Dress Up Games
Alexa goes Scene

Scene girl Alexa is always on the cutting edge of teen fashion.  But she is always in search of hot new trends and looks.  Use your sense of fashion to help pick out a new look for her in this dress up game.

Alternative Hair Dyes - On Long Hair
This little scene queen is trying to find some inspiration for a new hair do.  She loves dying her hair, but just isn't sure what colors she should add into her hair.  Help her choose a new hair style and make her look amazing.
Alternative Makeup
Experiment with a selection of colors, piercings and tattoos to create an alternative look for this girl.
An Emo Christmas
Can you help this girl to select perfect Emo costumes and accessories? Have special outfits for this Christmas
Back Of The Class

Angela is a high school emo girl that loves sitting in the back of the classes gossiping.  She always seems to get in trouble with the teacher for talking during class.  If she is going to get in trouble anyways, she may as well look stylish and fashionable.  Help find her the perfect scene and emo outfit for her to wear at school.

Backseat Emo Drummer

Play Backseat Emo Drummer.  Sasha is the drummer in an emo band that is all the rage in her hometown.  So much so, that word has spread to some of the neighboring towns about what a great band they are.  So they did what any band would do, go hit the road on a tour.  Sasha loves playing in her band, but she sometimes gets a little nervous and anxious so she has decided to practice all her drumming in the back of their tour van.  She also gets nervous when it comes to clothes.  She realizes that her band is about the music, but also about their emo style.  While Sasha practices her drumming, she needs your help to find her the perfect outfit for her next gig.  Use your mouse and select the clothing and accessories that you think will look best for Sasha at her next show.  Remember that drummers are at the back of the stage and can be easily blocked from the audiences point of view, so make sure she stands out in the clothes you pick out for her in this dress up game.

Bad Luck Friday!
It's friday the 13th.  Help ward off bad luck and get this emo girl looking her best.
Black And Pink Emo
Your new friends dress in Emo style clothing so its only right that when you join a group of friends that you look like they do! Try to choose the right Emo styled outfit, make sure you like it too otherwise its a waste of time!
Black And White Emo Chic

Play Black and White Emo Chic.  In this dress up game you have total control on what emo girl April will wear.  April loves emo fashion, but she is really into black, white and grey clothing.  Mostly because she loves getting her hair done in all kinds of funky colors.  The black and white clothing really help her hair pop and stand out wherever she goes.  Dress April up and find that perfect outfit for her.  To play, use your mouse and click through all the different hair styles, clothing, purses, jewelry and accessories until you are completely satisfied with her outfit and how she looks.  You can even share your makeover of April on Facebook.  Have fun playing this dress up game today.

Broken Heart

Jane is nervous because she is trying to patch things up with her ex-boyfriend.  She wants nothing more than to win him over and he loves Emo girls.  Help find Jane the perfect emo outfit for her to wear out on her big date.

Candy Emo Girls

Portia loves being emo and loves candy.  Help find her some new fashion that are just as colorful and sweet as the snacks she craves.

Christmas emo girl
It's Christmas time and this emo girl wants to look fashionable and festive for the holiday season.  Help her find the perfect Christmas outfit to fit her emo style in this dress up game.
Cool Emo Girl Makeover
Mouse control.
Ever wanted to try the Emo trend yet so scared of being too bold? Well, play this fun makeover game and grab your chance to go emo! Transform this cute girl into a real emo princess!
Cute emo fashion dress up
Cute emo fashion dress up Game.
cute scene girls accessories

cute scene girls accessories

Cutting Edge Emo Fashion
Marie is all about the emo scene, and she is in love with the fashion style. Help her create unique outfits that both express her keen fashion sense and the emo style!
Dancing Emo

This emo girl is about to head out for a night of dancing with her girlfriends.  Help dress her up in some hot emo fashions.  Who know's if Mr. Right might be at the club!

Dare Emo Girl Dressup

Fiona loves the emo scene.  She loves the music, the clothes and the attitude.  Help her dress up in her passion with all kinds of clothing and accessories to make her look as emo as possible.  Will you dress her up or keep her looking casual?  Put your fashion sense to the test and dress Fiona up!

Dark Flower Hairstyle
Change and mix the cut and styles, dye her hair and add accessories to make this girl look dark for the party.
Dawn Loves Emo Fashion
Dawn loves her Emo Style fashion. Are you any good at styling Emo? If you think you can make an awesome outfit for this girl then you have come to the right place. Dawn will be going out in the city with her friends to eat and see a movie. Make sure she is noticed!
DM Lolita Fashion
Decorate and style with Lolita fashion. This fashion brings together classic as well as goth appeal, which is a popular trend in Tokyo, Japan. Over 20+ dress styles, 60+ hair styles as well as many accessories to create a little Lolita doll.
Click and drag the objects onto the base. Click on the buttons to change the look of the doll.
DM Prom Princess Fashion Studio
Tis' the season and the reason all girls love Proms! Dressup your style and your way with the latest Prom fashions.
Use your mouse to choose the desired fashionable clothing and carefully size your selected model, making sure they have the chosen item on properly. If you no longer wish for a particular item of clothing to be worn on the model, notify them to remove it by using your mouse to restore the item back in the closet. When completed with the look, you may show it to your friends, capture the model by taking a picture, or continue to design another model. Time has no bounds of completing this task, however it is up to the player to decide when they are complete.
DM SummerStyle Chica Designer
Its summer time! Dress to Impress on the beach, in the streets of downtown or outside your own home! Its up to you, with many styles and accessories to choose from.
Use your mouse to choose the desired fashionable clothing and carefully size your selected model, making sure they have the chosen item on properly. If you no longer wish for a particular item of clothing to be worn on the model, notify them to remove it by using your mouse to restore the item back in the closet. When completed with the look, you may show it to your friends, capture the model by taking a picture, or continue to design another model. Time has no bounds of completing this task, however it is up to the player to decide when they are complete.
DM YesStyle Avatar Fashion Studio: Buden Akindo...
A unique designer brand from Osaka, Japan, Buden Akindo brings Japanese art to contemporary casual wear. Buden means "stall" or "pushcart" in German, while Akindo means "merchant" in Japanese. Inspired by traditional Japanese merchant aprons, the brand features fun retro prints with Japanese calligraphy and illustrations. Simple, comfortable, and stylish, Buden Akindo makes the ordinary extraordinary with just the right touch of zen.
Use your mouse to choose the desired fashionable clothing and carefully size your selected model, making sure they have the chosen item on properly. If you no longer wish for a particular item of clothing to be worn on the model, notify them to remove it by using your mouse to restore the item back in the closet. When completed with the look, you may show it to your friends, capture the model by taking a picture, or continue to design another model. Time has no bounds of completing this task, however it is up to the player to decide when they are complete.
Dress up Liea!
Dress up game for my character Liea. Have fun ^_^ !
The code above the character changes with the outfit you create! Copy and paste different codes and click on the STAR to create other people's outfits. Enjoy!
Dress-up Emo Couple
Dress up the couple in cool costumes and have fun as a dressing up game couple. This Emo Couple have cute punk fashion and emo haircuts.
Dressup Annie
Emo Annie surely has some interesting dark clothes in her closet! Mix and Match to create Emo Annie's best look!
Click on the thumbnails to the right to put on clothes. Click on the clothes Annie's wearing to remove them.
Dressup Emo/Punk Chibi
Dress up this chibi. You can make her look like Emo Annie or just like any emo or punk character. Have fun dragging clothes onto the doll and layering as much as you want to make a crazy, unique look.
DuS Emo
Dressup this dark but stylish emo girl.
Click on the buttons on the sides to change her style. You can also drag certain items around like her dolls.
Emo and Soft Singer
The fashion girl will wear two style clothes. Emo and soft singer, which one style will be suitable for her? Play this game, and look at these two stylish, which one would you like best?
Emo Anime

In this dress up game, help find the perfect funky emo fashion for this girl.

Emo Avatar Makeover

In this Emo dress up game, you can customize and dress up this Emo girl to give her the perfect makeover.  You can also change her attributes.

Emo Baby
Dress Up this cute baby with Variety of Emo clothes and accessories. Have a fun to play this game.
Emo Barbie

Emo Barbie loves dressing up and wants you to lend a hand and help her pick out some new clothes and accessories.  Get her looking her best.

Emo Beach
Help this Emo to make a perfect Beach costumes.
Emo boy Dress Up
Emo style is a new trend among teenagers wich seems to have many fans all over the world.This guy is a upholder of this kind of clothing.Dress him up with one of the most gorgeous EMO clothes.
In this game we use the mouse. Click on each category and choose what you like.
Emo Bride
It's Maggiesweet's wedding day and she needs you to help dress her up.  Find the best emo outfit for her to get married in.
Emo Bride Dress Up
Younger lovers want to have a emo wedding. If the bride looks like a little fashion, she will be suitable for being a emo bride. What do you think? Play this game and you will find how emo the bride is!
Emo Bride Dress Up
The girl really like emo styles , so she want to have an emo wedding dress up show with her handsome boyfriend ! Her boyfriend are waiting for her ,so help her to have an emo dressup !
Emo Bride Dress Up

Play Emo Bride Dress Up.  Every little girl dreams about her big wedding and that day is now here for young Ariana.  She can't be happier that her big day is finally here, but she has no idea what she should wear.  Cycle through her wardrobe of traditional and emo styled wedding dresses until you are happy with your selection.  Then move on to the next step of choosing her hairstyle and jewelry.  Once you are finally happy and think she is ready for her emo groom to see her, click show and she'll be ready for her wedding pictures.  You can even change the scene that she models in.

Emo Bridesmaid

Play Emo Bridesmaid, a fun dress up game where you get to dress up a cute emo girl thats going to be a bridesmaid in the style you see fit. Select from a series of bridesmaid dresses, shoes, floral arrangements, hairstyles and more. The fun part about this dress up game is that not only can you choose the clothes and outfits for this emo girl to wear, but you can also change the color of the items. Drag the red, green and blue dials to add more or less color to that item of clothing or hair. When you are all done and think your bridesmaid looks perfect, you can snap a selfie and post it on your social media accounts to show off to your friends. What are you waiting for? Help dress this emo girl up with style!

Emo Cat Lover

Play Emo Cat Lover.  In this Dress Up Game, you get to dress young Steph up in all kinds of fun and funky emo outfits and accessories.  There are so many to choose from and as an added bonus, you can even choose what cat you want her to pose with.  Use your mouse and click any of the various circles on the right of the screen to scroll through the different options.  You can choose from hair, tops, bottoms, shoes, earrings, necklaces and dresses.  Have fun making all kinds of combinations from all the different outfits available and don't stop until you just love how Steph looks.

Emo Cheap Bunny Plush
Dress up this bunny plushy with the emo clothes.
Emo Cheerleader

Bree is filled with school spirit and a love for emo fashion.  Help this scene queen dress up in some new clothing so that she can show her love of her schools Football team, but make sure to use her emo style and fashion.

Emo Chic

Help dress up this emo girl in a variety of outfits and accessories.

Emo Club Leader

Brittany is an emo girl that loves heading out to the clubs and spending her night dancing.  She always wants to look her very best while showing off on the dance floor.  She has a closet full of emo clothes and accessories and invited you over to help pick out the perfect outfit for her so she can flirt with all the cute boys at the club.  

Emo Cousin Dress Up

Emo Cousin Dress Up is a fun game to play online.  Lara is spending the day hanging out with her favorite cousin Ingrid.  They love each other very much and are not only cousins, but best friends as well.  The one thing that they both love is dressing up in hot emo fashions.  Each one tries to outdo the other when it comes to their clothing and Lara needs your help to get a leg up on her cousin.  Help Lara find that perfect emo look. Use your mouse to click on the icons on the bottom to change through all her different options for hair, tops, pants, dresses, sneakers, jewelry and accessories.  Keep trying out all kinds of various outfits until you think she is a perfect emo teen.  When you are done, you can save a picture or share on facebook.  Challenge your friends and find out who has the best eye for emo fashion in this game.

Emo Craze DressUp
Dress up this girl in disturbing style with various different dark outfits. There are a variety of shirts, pants, shoes, hair, purses, and accessories for you to choose from to make her look her best. After you dress her up in the styles of the number one craze of 2007 she will be ready for all the black eyeliner that money can buy.
Use the mouse to drag and drop clothes onto the girl.
Emo Cupid
Cupid has gone Emo. Dress up the Emo version of cupid choosing from many different types of clothes and accessories. Remember to give cupid her bow as she wont be able to make people fall in love with each other without it. Once you have armed cupid with her love making bow choose from many exquisite styles of wings for her to use.
Emo Cycle
This emo cutie is too busy working on her music and fashion zine to pick out the right outfit.  Get her all dressed up and ready for a night on the town in this emo love story.
Emo Dancing Night

Play Emo Dancing Night.  Jenni is a fun loving emo teen girl that just loves to go out dancing.  She is getting ready to go out and spend the night dancing away to her favorite songs, but first she needs to get dressed up and look great for her big night out.  Help Jenni get dressed by scrolling through her clothing options and select your favorite hair, clothing and accessories that you think she should dress up in.

Emo Designer Dress Up
The emo designer is very popular in television industry, is she really very emo? You will know the answer when you play this game. Give it a score!
Emo Dress Up

Dress this beautiful emo girl up in some fun new clothing and accessories.  How emo can you get her too look?  Dress her up using your mouse and have fun.

Emo Dress Up Game

This Emo girl needs a makeover.  She has plenty of clothes and hair styles to choose from.  Which ones will you choose for her to wear?  

Emo Dressup
Dress up the girl with different emo fashion styles. Change her clothes or her hair color and make up so really customize her appearance.
Emo dressup game
Dressup this cute and stylish emo girl
Emo Evil

Help emo girl Rebecca find the right outfit for her to get married in.  She wants something fun and funky with some emo style.  Help dress her up in the perfect outfit for her special day.

Emo Fashion
Emo Fashion Girl Dress up game
Emo Fashion
Emo Fashion Girl Dress up game.
Emo Fashion Express

Emo Fashion Express is a dress up game with all kinds of clothing and accessories to fit an emo look.  Choose from all kinds of funky clothing and be sure to use dark and bright colors to get that perfect emo fashion.  Don't forget to throw some skulls in there for good measures.  Keep dressing her up until you achieve the emo style that you think is perfect for her.

Emo Fashion Makeover
This cute girl is about to get ready for the big wedding she has always dreamed of ever since she was a small little girl. There is just one minor problem, She can't decide what wedding gown to wear for the big day. Help her choose what gown she should wear so she can look picture perfect for the day she has always dreamed of, remember its a special day so take your time!
Emo for Life
You will get lots of looks with an Emo style. You get attention by an expression of self and do not care of what society thinks of you. Express yourself and have fun!
Emo Friends
Dress up these Emo friends with variety of clothes and fashionable accessories.
Emo Friends
Emo girls are here! Awesome emo style for you in this emo dressup game. Don't even try to say boring when they both go out.
Emo Galactic Girl

Dress up this emo galactic girl from the future.  Use your mouse to choose from her space age wardrobe and give her the emo look of the future.

Emo Girl
Emo Girl Fashion Dress up game.
Emo girl

This emo teen is in need of a makeover.  Help her pick out some new fashion in this fun dress up game for girls.

Emo Girl
Dress up and makeover this emo girl. She needs to express herself and stand out from the crowd. Make her look as cool and unique as possible!
Emo Girl Alice

Use your personal emo style and fashion to dress up Alice so that she can start her first day of high school as an emo princess.

Emo Girl Dress up
Emo Girl Dress up Game.
Emo Girl Dress Up
Dress Up Emo
emo girl dressup
Find the perfect look for this fashionable emo girl.  Use your mouse to find her some great outfits and bring out her beauty.
Emo Girl Fight
Dress up this Emo fighting girl with plenty of fashionable costumes.
Emo Girl Makeover
The fashion girl usually wears cute and pretty clothes, but this time she wants to change her style and show to us. What do you think? Do you think it's a great time to do this? Dress her now!
Emo Girl Makeup
Do you like emo makeup? Whether you like colorful and special hairstyles? The emo girl makeup game will give you more amazements. Make up her and she looks more emo.
Emo Girl New Fashion
Emo Girl New Fashion, Dress up game.
Emo Golfer

Who says emo girls can't golf?  Not Michel, she loves looking fashionable on the golf course.  She's pretty good at golf, but still trying to get into the "swing" of things with dressing emo.  Help her out with your own emo style and dress this girl up so she can look her best while on the fairway.

Emo Gothic
This girl loves the cool colours and styles of the Gothic fashion line thats becoming ever so much more popular. Do you think you can help this girl choose the right selection of clothing so she looks as good as her friends? If you want to help her you should take your time and go through all the different items to make the coolest Gothic outfit possible
Emo Hairstyle
Create your emo look with colorful highlights and stylish cuts, also add accessories!
Emo Kid

Dress this emo doll up in all kinds of trendy emo clothing and accessories.  Have fun.

Emo Lounge

Shelly has just got a new apartment and needs help redecorating her lounge.  She loves showing off her emo style.  Help decorate her lounge so it looks pretty.

Emo Love

Melissa is a lonely emo teen girl looking for love in all the wrong places.  That is until she comes across Devon, a scene boy she has fallen for.  Dress her up so she looks stylish and her best in this emo dress up game so she can experience true love.

Emo Lovers

These emo lovers need a new style.  Help dress them up and bring out their beauty, so the couple can stay in love,

Emo Lovers Dress Up

Dress up this teen emo couple before they head out for the Paramore concert.  These lovers love going to concerts together and love looking like a stylish couple in the process.  What clothing will you pick for them.  Use your mouse and choose from the floating clothing to make these lovers look their best.

Emo Makeover
Lets see how good you are at styling a Emo girl. Use your makeover skills to create the best looking makeover possible. Style her hair and color it, give her some cool face styling and put her in an awesome top. Remember this is Emo fashion so you can go wild when choosing your styles.
Emo MakeUp
Practice your Emo MakeUp here!
Click to choose on the buttons to the right.
Emo Makeup, Piercing & Tattoos
Change the look of this rebel girl by applying make up, piercing her and tattooing her. You can make her look emo but also goth, punk, rock, rave and many other styles.
Emo Manicure Salon

Have you ever wanted an emo manicure or pedicure?  Dress up these nails in the best emo style you can find.  Use your mouse and give these nails a fresh new look.

Emo Mermaid

Under the water, Rose is a teen mermaid girl that loves the emo look she has learned from those that live on the land.  This is why she needs your help since she doesn't know it all yet.  Help dress her up in a new emo wardrobe in this dress up game.

Emo Mini Skirts

Emo girl Lesley has just gone out on a huge shopping spree and has bought a ton of new clothing.  Lesley not only love's her emo style, but she really loves mini skirts and thats mostly what she has bought.  Now she's heading out for a girls night on the town and wants to find that perfect emo outfit to wear.  Use your mouse to click on all the different clothing and accessories items Lesley owns and see which one's you think look the best on her in this dress up game.

Emo Nail Fashion
Lorraine is an emo girl that loves to look fashionable.  She has everything prepared for the day except her nails.  Help Lorraine find the perfect way to decorate her nails in this game.
Emo Nails Makeover

Play Emo Nails Makeover.  In this dress up game, help give this emo girl a makeover using her brand new makeup kit.  Choose from all kinds of options to give her more style.  Use your mouse to get started.

Emo Night Dress Up
Dress Up game
Emo Party
Emo Party Girl dress up game.
Emo Party Hair

Monica loves all things emo, but she needs help with some new emo hair.  Help give her a perfect emo makeover and get her style to look perfect for a night on the dance floor impressing boys.

Emo Party Preparartion

Nadia is always trying to stay on the cutting edge of emo fashion.  She loves your sense of style though and has asked for your help to give her a complete emo makeover.  Give Nadia a facial, help her with her hair and pick out some awesome emo clothes for her to wear to the party tonight!

Emo Pony
Help dress this cute little pony up in your favorite emo outfits.  Can you make him the best looking pony?
Emo Princess
Natasha is an emo fan and is attending an emo music concert. She need a dress that will depict her as a true fan of emotional hardcore music. She wants to impress all the other fans who will be attending the concert. Can you help her dress in the latest emo punk style?
Emo Princess
This girl is an lovely emo princess and she loves to dress up in pink, black, and other fun colors. Her hair styles are fun and fresh and they match her pink room perfectly. She even wears a crown to give the princess look that finishing touch. This is a girl that likes emo but also likes the girly things in life! What a perfect mix.
Emo Princess
Emo Princess, fashion princess by www.sweetygame.com
Emo Princess, fashion princess by www.sweetygame.com
Emo princess girl
This little emo princess is about to head out for the day, but isn't quite sure what to wear.  She has so many cute and adorable outfits, which will she choose.  Help dress her up and make her look like the perfect emo princess that she knows she is.
Emo Princess on Holidays
Remember Emo Princess? It's holiday time and she wants to have some fun, too!Click to play!
Emo Prom
It is the end of the school year and you and your friends are going to the long awaited prom night. Choose what gowns and accessories to wear on your wonderful night but be sure that you keep to your regular emo fashion style. Once you have chosen your gown and accessories go to the prom night and meet up with your wonderful date so that you can literally dance the night away in romance.
Emo Prom
Janice wants to win the title of emo Prom queen, but she needs your help.  Dress her up, but hurray, she is already running late for the competition!
Emo Prom Dress Up

It's time for the high school prom and this beautiful emo scene queen needs to look stunning. Give her a makeover and have her looking her best for when she breaks hearts on the proms dance floor.  Tonight there is magic in the air.

Emo Punk Rock Star
Sassy is a typical emo punk girl who is also a hard core rock music player. Sassy and her friends used to gather in a haunted place and practice their style of music. They are planning to come out with a rock music band, the lead singer and guitarist is our girl Sassy. Give the trendy emo punk look by choosing the outfit and a little makeup for this rock band girl and change her in to a real emo punk rock star.
Emo Rock Kids

Sandra is the new lead singer of an Emo band and tonight is their debut performance.  Sandra is anxious about the show.  So much so that she just doesn't know what to wear.  Help dress Sandra up so that she looks her best and looks like the star of her band.

Emo Scene

Help dress up this emo scene queen to make her look her best.

Emo School Girl Dress Up

It's the start of a new school year and Alisha wants to start the year off with a fashion bang.  She wants to start her first day back at class dressed in some of the new emo outfits she has bought during her back to school shopping.  Help Alisha look her best in her new threads in this dress up game.

Emo Self Pic

Mandi is an emo teen that loves taking selfies.  She is ready to get a bunch of new profile pics for her Facebook page.  Help dress her up so she looks perfect for all the self shot pics she wants to take.

Emo Shopping Extravaganza
Your the type of girl that enjoys the Goth / EMO style so getting the latest goth fashion is important. Head over to the shops to choose your clothing for tonights party at your mates house.
Emo Singer

This emo singing sensation is getting her music career started.  She needs the perfect outfit before she gets on stage.  Dress up this emo beauty so she gets noticed and becomes a star.

Emo Singer
Tonight could be Shirley's big break in the music industry.  She has a big concert to perform with her emo band and wants to look her very best to impress those record executives that will be there.  Pick out some cute clothing and accessories and dress her up to look like a star in this game.
Emo Spa Treatment
Winter is finally over and this emo princess is looking forward to a wonderful day at the spa.  Give her a perfect spa treatment and pamper her like she deserves.  Give her a makeover and get her ready for the fresh spring air in this dress up game.
Emo Space Girl

Alexa is an emo teen from another dimension who is trying to bring her emo sense of fashion to the rest of the universe.  Help her pick from all kinds of emo clothing and makeup so she looks like the perfect ambassador for emo fashion and style.

Emo Spirit Dress Up

Put your sense of emo fashion to the test in this dress up game.  Dress this girl up and pick out your favorite emo clothing from her closet.  Don't stop until you are happy with her new style.

Emo Sports Star
Play Emo Sports Star, a dress up game. Unlike most Emo kids, Stacy loves all things emo and sports. She especially loves combining the two worlds of fashion into one. Help Stacy pick out a new outfit from her wardrobe of sporty and emo clothing using your mouse.
Emo Sprite
This emo girl has a lot to be happy about! She's going to spend the rest of her days dressing up in cute pink skulls, listening to amazing music, and flying around with other fairy spirits!
Emo Star Interview
Laureta is an emo starlet and is just about to get ready for a television interview.  She needs something hot to wear behind the camera.  Find the perfect look for her before she is seen is households across America.  Use your mouse to pick from all the possible outfits.
Emo Style Dress Up
Help Emily find the best looking emo style of clothes to wear.
Mouse to drag and drop.
Emo Style Dressup
This fashionista needs you to give her an emo makeover in this dress up game.
Emo Styling
Evelyn here is an emo aficionado who likes to dress up in the weirdest of emo clothes. She is meeting her friends who are equally weird and emo crazy like her. They have come dressed in their own unique emo styles. Help her with a wacky makeup. Give her the most garish looking hair style and color that you ever thought of. Then dress her up in the weirdest of clothes you can imagine. Make her the star attraction.
Emo Sweat Fashion

In this dress up game, help dress up this emo teen girl during the hot summer season.  She needs something to wear to beat the heat, but she still wants to maintain her cool emo look.  Pick from all sorts of clothing and accessories to dress her up in.

Emo Valentine Day
Have a great Emo Valentine Day Dress up Game.
Emo Valentine Makeover
This pretty emo girl is exchanging the pink skulls for some pink hearts this Valentine's Day! Create a cute emo look to celebrate Valentine's Day with an elegant punk style!
Emo Wedding
Dress Up this stylish Emo wedding girl with variety of plenty costumes and fashionable accessories. Have a fun to play this game
Emo Wedding

Play Emo Wedding.  The day has finally come.  Gina is finally getting married to the man of her dreams.  And as a bonus he plays in her favorite punk rock band.  Help take the stress off of Gina.  She has so much on her mind getting ready for her wedding that she completely forgot what to wear.  Browse through her wardrobe and find her the perfect outfit and accessories to wear on her big day.

Emo Winter Fashion
Dress up an emo for winter.
EMOScene - Boyish
Mix and match the clothes and accessories to give this girl an Emo Scene look with a Boyish touch. You can pick her haircut and dye her hair with different colors, put on contact lenses, apply lipstick and change her skin tone to make her look more like you! There are also stickers you can drag onto her body and clothes.
EMOScene - Girly
EmoScene - Girly Mix and match the clothes and accessories to give this girl an Emo Scene look with a Girly touch. You can pick her haircut and dye her hair with different colors, put on contact lenses, apply lipstick and change her skin tone to make her look more like you! There are also stickers you can drag onto her body and clothes.
Face the Music
This pop princess is getting ready for her big break at her next concert.  But she needs someone to give her a new emo style.  Her her find the look that will make her a famous singer.
Fancy Emo

Laura is looking to achieve that perfect chic and funky emo style.  Help her out with your sense of fashion and dress this emo girl up in the clothes you choose.

Friends Again
Rachel and Sara used to be inseparable until Rachel turned emo at the beginning of their freshman year. She started hanging out with crowds that were dying their hair every other week and wearing all black while Sara stayed sweet in dresses. They stopped talking for a long time until both of them realized there's nothing wrong with hanging out with someone just because they're different!
From Punk to Princess
This girl is sick of being an emo. She wants a change her look. Help her get a new style to make her a fashionable princess.
Funky Emo
This funky emo chick loves to rebel, but only when rebelling involves flashy colors, clashing styles, and trendy music. Take a break from school to hang out with friends at the student-painted mural behind the building. Use your mouse to click on and through the floating hair, clothing, accessory, and makeup options.
Glamourous Emo

Dress up this emo teen and make her look as glamourous as you can.

Go Emo Purple

Veronica is an emo girl that loves to stand out wherever she goes out.  She loves her black and purple hair and her sense of emo fashion.  Her look is getting a little stale though and she wants to try something new.  So Veronica has invited you over to her house to play dress up and hopefully add a new shot to her fashion sense.

GosuLoli Dress Up Game
"Check out the totally gorgeous gothic lolita clothes in this game! From the black and tartan mini skirts to the Edwardian blouses, they're all so pretty! And with the belts, the bows and the jewelry you can mix and match her look for a long time and never repeat yourself. Enjoy!"
Using the mouse, click-and-drag pieces of clothing to the model to dress her
Hot emo scene
This emo hottie needs some serious fashion advice.  Help her look her best in this dress up game.
Kawaii emo girl dress up game
dress up the kawaii emo girl with cute clothes and accessories!
Keith's Garage Band
Play Keiths Garage Band. A fun dress up game where you get to dress up a emo boy named Keith. Keith has invited all of his friends over to jam with their new band and they have a show coming up and want to find the perfect look for when they play live. Dress Keith up so he looks like the emo rockstar that he is!
Lilly Levels Up
Help dress Lily up in this fun game.
Little Ms Emo
Little Ms. Emo loves to go to concerts after a long day of work and school to dance out her frustration. Dye your hair pink and purple, wear some cool leggings and ripped jeans, and put on some sleek sneakers before heading out with your friends to party, party, party!
Lonely Hearts Emo
This emo girl gets a little depressed every now and then.  All her friends have a boyfriend or a BFF, but not her.  Help put a spring in her step by dressing her up in some hot new emo fashion.
Lonley Hearts
Sometimes you get depressed because it seems like everyone else has a BFF or a BF except for you. Let this game keep you company until you find someone you can really enjoy to hang out with! Dont be depressed, but enjoy the music and the outfits to fit your emo lifestyle.
Lovable Emo Rock Star
Dress up this Emo girl with plenty of emo costumes and accessories. Have a nice dress up game to play!
Make Me Emo
Emo makeover for punk emo girls is just not dressing the hairstyle. Think out of the box of emo culture and society. Get this angry emo girl happy making her makeup a trend. Can emo fashion change the girl’s emotion? Pick the best hairstyle, color, nail, band and many more interesting punk accessories.
Middle School Emo
Middle school student Ema wants to take the emo fashion to her school. Dress her in emo clothes.
Miss Emo
The Miss Emo fashion pageant is upon us.  Help dress up Claret and crown her the winner.
My Emo Wedding Dress Up

This cute emo couple are awaiting their wedding day.  Help dress them up in emo fashion for their special day in this dress up game.

Naughty Emo Kids

Abigail was once the teen prom queen at her high school.  But now she is sick of the look and tired of looking just like everyone else.  She has decided on a new style she likes and she is really into the emo look right now.  Give her a complete emo makeover in this dress up game and give her a fun and funky new look.

Nerdy to Emo Makeove

In Nerdy to Emo makeover game you must help Vanessa turn into the emo girl she has always wanted to be.  Vanessa has always been a bit of a geek and is now switching schools and wants to try a whole new look with some emo fashion.  She'll need a day at the spa and a facial and then will need your help giving her a makeover so she can have a fresh, bold, new look.  Try her out in a bunch of emo clothes and don't forget to give her that perfect emo hair to complete her new, fresh look.

Pink Emo
Dress up this Emo girl with variety of fashionable clothes to have a perfect Emo dress up.
Pregnant and Emo

Steph is a pregnant emo teen that loves her scene style.  Luckily she can still find some great emo clothes now that she's showing and wants to be the cool mom that she knows she is.  Dress her up in all kinds of emo and scene clothing that will be perfect for an expecting mother.

Pregnant and Emo

Play Pregnant and Emo.  A emo dress up game where you must dress up this emo girl who is pregnant with her musician boyfriend's child.  It's hard looking and feeling your best when you are pregnant so help this girl get the best fashion style for her pregnant look.  Choose from a variety of hairstyles, clothing and accessories and help her look like one hot baby momma!  Use your mouse to dress her up.

Pretty Charming Bride
It's this pretty little scene girls wedding and she just wants to look glamourous.  Get her dressed up in the perfect clothing to get her married in.
Punk Princess
Punk Princess Dress Up by www.sweetygame.com ! More fashion princess dress up games and celeb games at www.sweetygame.com
Punk Princess Dress Up by www.sweetygame.com ! More fashion princess dress up games and celeb games at www.sweetygame.com
Purple Emo Dress Up
Emily loves the emo fashion and will need your help to meet this afternoon with friends. Help her to choose different hairstyles, clothing and makeup to impress everyone. You can change the background or add or remove music if you wish.
Click on the purple icons to be changing gradually Emily.
Queen Emo
This emo punk is queen of the fashion scene! She's accepted her crown a few weeks ago, and now she's got a full time job reigning over her queendom of the emo punk scene. She knows all of the bands that pass through her domain, and ways to stay emo chic!
Remember my Emo Clothes

Dress up this beautiful girl in some cool emo and scene fashion.  Pick from an assortment of clothing and accessories and dress this model up.  There are 2 modes to play with this game.  Free mode, which allows you to dress her up as you please and memory mode where you have to dress her up using the same sets of clothing.  In memory mode there are 5 levels for you to play.

Rock n' Roll Girl Dress up
A real Rock and Roll game to play!! Do you love Rock and Roll? Lets take a look. Then try to match these clothes with accessories to create the perfect Rock'n Roll look for this girl.
Rocker Girl Motion Dress Up
In this dress up game, find the emo rocker girl a new look.  Now with animated accessories for her to wear.
Scene Girl

Use your mouse to find this scene girl some hot, trendy new threads.  She needs a fashion makeover and your fashion eye.  Help her look stunning.

Scene makeover
emo scene makeover game
Scene Queen Dress Up

Before you even think of giving fashion advice to this scene queen, you must first prove yourself worthy.  See doesn't just let anyone give her style and fashion tips.  If you prove yourself to her, she will let you go through her wardrobe and pick out a stylish new outfit for her in this dress up game.

Sheer Spring Trends Dress Up
Spring is in the air and around the corner. Jenni loves all things spring. Whether it's the warmer weather, seeing her friends or buying a whole new wardrobe, jenni just can't wait for the spring season. Now that it's here, she has gone out and bought all kinds of new clothes and has a hair appointment booked. Dress Jenni up in some new spring emo fashions in this dress up game. Pick and choose from all sorts of flirty outfits and hair and make Jenni the cutest emo girl you'll see this season!
St Patircks Day Emo Fashion

St. Patricks day is here and Cassidy is an emo teen that wants to get into the spirit of the holiday.  Help her find some green clothing to wear to make this the best St. Paddy's day ever and help her rediscover her Irish roots in this dress up game.

Stormy Dressup
Dressup Stormy in her great gothic outfits. Base by Dollz Mania
Drag and drop to dress up Stormy
Stylish Emo Makeover

Emily is a fashionista that wants a whole new look.  She has decided she wants to give emo a try and do a complete emo makeover.  The only thing is, she is comfortable with other styles, but not this one.  It's all so new to her.  Help her perfect the emo style by dressing her up and selecting all kinds of different emo clothes for her to wear.  Mix and match styles until you achieve the look you want.  Don't forget to style her hair to complete the look.  Use your mouse to play this emo dress up game.

Summer Dress Trends

Summer may be over, but not in Akira's mind.  She wants to keep her summer emo fashion going into the beginning of the school year.  Help dress her up in her favorite emo and scene clothing and accessories so she can start the year off with a fashion bang.

Super Emo Style

Play Super Emo Style. Nadine is a high school senior that loves her emo style.  As her best friend, she always looks to you for fashion advice and needs your help to select an outfit for her to wear from her emo wardrobe.  Find her that oh so perfect outfit so she can turn heads and drop jaws.  Select from all kinds of different clothing and accessories in this emo dress up game.

Sweet Dreamer
This cute little scene girl is such a daydreamer.  Help her find the outfit and accessories of her fashion dreams.
Teen Emo
Play teen Emo Dress up game with plenty of trendy costumes and accessories.
The Coffee Shop Duo

This emo girl has decided to forgive her ex boyfriend and try to win him back.  Help her dress her best to show him what he's been missing.  Enjoy a cup of coffee, take it slow and hope you win him back.

The Emo Boy Paint Shop
Design color schemes and decorate colorful characters and a cat from the Emo Boy cartoon series.
point and click
Too Emo For School

Claire is a middle school it girl that is known for her emo style and hair.  She loves dressing up in all kinds of emo clothing and fashion.  Help Claire find that oh so perfect look in this game.

Too Emo for School

After discovering the emo scene in middle school, young Denise started experimenting and trying to perfect her emo hair and fashion.  She also got into the music and started going to concerts.  Now she's in High School and has become quite popular when the other girls need help with their style.  Dress Denise up using her wardrobe of emo clothes and accessories in this dress up game.


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What Is Emo Anyways?

Emo Fashion GirlHere at Emo Dress Up Games, we aim to bring you the best Emo games we can find.


But what the heck is Emo anyways?

Emo started as a music term defined by the hardcore punk movement that mostly went on in the DC area in the mid-eighties.  It literally was music that was emotional and then got shortened to emo.  One of the biggest misconceptions about Emo's is that they are all suicidal and depressed.  However, this is not true at all.  Just like all teens growing up and trying to find themselves, Emo's also struggle with finding their personal identity.

Today, it still relates to music, but is also considered a fashion style.  The majority of the fashion revolves around hair.  Big, long hair are always in style and feature side sweeping bangs, blunt cuts and chunky layers.  Other aspects like coon tails and adding in leopard print are also key to the look.

Make up is also very important, especially with eye makeup.  Since it's been said that the eye's are the window to the soul , and Emo's love to show off their emotions, they tend to highlight their eye's with black mascara.  Don't use too much though.  Too much eye make up will create more of a goth look and even though there are similarities between the two looks, Emo's always try to shy away from goth fashion.

Which brings us to clothing.  Black is always a preference, but the key is to avoid dressing all in black and hence looking Gothic.  Make sure you add in some very bright colors somewhere in your outfit.  This will help the outfit pop and make you look more emo than goth.  Especially bright hoodies will help you achieve the look.  Always try and stay away from sports brands like Nike and Reebok.  These will destroy any emo credibility.  However, the odd designer brand is ok.

As far as shoes, you'll want something flat and fun.  Think Converse or Van's skater shoes.  Something a little more punk instead of chunky, big boots that would go with a gothic look.

If your outfit still looks too dark and needs more flair, consider adding in colorful accessories and jewelry like wrist bands.

The most important thing is to be yourself and use your own fashion sense and never try to be something you are not or a poser.  Hopefully these dress up games will help you achieve your own personal style as well as give you new fashion idea's so you can look your best in your emo fashion.

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