Goth Dress Up Games
Vampire couple dress up game
Dress up the vampire couple with gothic/lolita clothes and accessories.
Pastel goth dress up game

Dress this Pastel Goth cutie in all kinds of outfits and accessories in this fun dress up game.

Dark Gothic Make Up
This gothic girl going to a concert tonight. Do not know how make-up and will need your help and your advice to go to fashion. Choose from many options for hair, makeup, eyelashes, piercings and much more. Sure you like this game gothic makeup.
Click the left mouse button over icons to go changing the makeup of the girl.
Lilith's World
Dressup your doll in emo, dark and stylish outfits. Then when you're done you can also chat with it! The more you chat everyday the more coins you get!
Dark Fantasy Make Up
Enter a world of fantasy for girls. Help the princess of snow to make up for the celebration of the entrance to the winter solstice. Choose from many types of makeup you can find in this wonderful make-up game.
Click in the right buttons to change the make-up, tattoos, eyelashes and much more.
Amy Lee's Goth Angel
Angelic voice, goth sense of style. Whip up your favorite Amy Lee outfit while listening to her angelic voice.
Goth Wedding
Luna is a young lady that is going to get married soon. She has decided on a goth wedding, together with her beloved one. Help her choose the perfect color and outfit for her special day.
Use your mouse to play the game.
Check My Goth Style
Help this girl find her perfect goth style and choose from all kinds of hair, clothing and accessories in this fun gothic dress up game.
DM Gothic Punk Styles
Create your own little gothic, punk, emo doll with over 75+ hairstyles and tons of clothing and accessories. You can even give her some cat ears, bunny ears, vampire teeth even little devil horns.
Click and drag the objects onto the base. Click on the buttons to change the look of the doll.
Bratz Gothic Dress Up
This is a great dress up game, we have to choose among the many items you'll find it. Gothic Dress up the girl of the 21st century and prepare it to conquer the new year.
use the mouse to select the dresses clicking in the arrows with the left mouse button.
DarkScene - Goth
Mix and match the clothes and accessories to give this girl a Goth look. You can pick her haircut and dye her hair with different colors, put on contact lenses, apply lipstick and change her skin tone to make her look more like you or anyone else you have in mind. There are also tattoos you can drag onto her body and clothes.
Abbot's Vampire Dress Up
Vampires also like too look pretty. Especially after they nibble on their prey.
Gothica Dress Up
Make a gothic beauty by dressing her and styling her hair
Cyber Gothic Girl Dress Up

Anise is a girl that loves her Cyber Goth fashion style and has just too many clothes to choose from.  She is about to head out for a night of dancing to Dark Wave and EBM and wants to look like the best dressed goth girl on the dance floor.  Help choose between all of her clothing and accessories and dress her up in the perfect style.

Goth Dance
Just because goths love to wear black, wear a lot of makeup, dye their hair, and hang around graveyards, doesn't mean they don't love to dance and have fun! Style these two best friends for a great time in a graveyard dance party! Who knows, zombies might rise up out of the ground for an awesome "Thriller" remake!
Zombie Princess
Zombie Princess, fashion princess by More fashion princess and celeb dress up games at
Zombie Princess, fashion princess by More fashion princess and celeb dress up games at
BCG Dress-Up: Melissa
Melissa has a taste for alternative fashion. Help her find a fitting outfit.
Select a group of items and use the arrows to scroll through them. Click the color circle to pick a color for the item group.
Dress up this witch for Halloween night !
Lolita Friends dress up game
dress up the two best friends with goth loli and sweet loli outfits.
Beautiful Dark Angel
Dressing up this beautiful dark angel in a fantasy mythical and fashionable styles, dark angel is really a hot girl. Pick out dark angel dresses,shoes,hairstyles,stickers,wings and other accessories for this gothic princess.
Vampire princess
Vampire princess fashion princess sweetygame
Death Goddess Dress Up
Create a goth/punk goddess
Click on the buttons and drag the objects onto the base. When your done click on print to print out your creation!
Beautiful Vampire
This beautiful vampire has been seen biting people walking the streets at night! She needs a hot new look if she is going to be able to evade her captors and angry citizens! Use your mouse to click on and through the floating clothing, hair, makeup, and accessory options for this pretty little undead cutie.
Halloween Vampire
It’s Halloween again and Vanessa is getting ready for a photo-shoot to win the Halloween vampire contest. She needs a scary looking makeover as well as a weird costume to complete the vampire effect. Apply a creepy looking makeover and dress her up in an equally bizarre costume to make her look really frightening. Let her earn the title of the perfect Halloween Vampire
Goth Loli Dress up game
Dress up the cute girl with the famous Harajuku fashion style "Goth Loli" clothes and accessories!
Abbots Goth Girl Gwen
Gwen tries on various goth outfits in this reinvention of the dress up game. Score points by trying different outfits, and earn special awards for dressing with clothes that fit together well, and choosing the most fitting hairstyle and accessories!
Arrow keys, or clicking the buttons on screen.
Gothic Lolita Fashion
당신은 패션 중독자를 다시하고 자신의 패션 스타일을 만들 수 기다릴 수있다면,이 장소는 당신을 위해 단지이다.당신은 무수한 전통 의상, 스포츠 소송뿐만 아니라 다른 여러 가끔 옷을 찾아 볼게.가장 예쁜 스타일을 한 예쁜 소녀와 소년이 드레스를 선택합니다.
Bloom Gothic Girl
Bloom Gothic Girl Dress up game.
Darky Night Gothic Dress Up
Have fun helping our gothic girl dressing up, with various clothing and fashion collection, for the big dark party! For more supercute creations have a look at:
Click on the item, and dress up our cute girl for the Darky Night party, have fun looking for your favourite combination.
Goth Girl Dress Up
Goth Girl Dress Up Game, Play Free Online Flash Girls Games
Gothic Princess Dress Up
Show your styling skills by helping our gothic princess look at her best in this dress up game. You will have loads of dresses, accessories and other clothes to choose from and help her dress up for the following big party.
Use the mouse to click the category tabs to dress the princess up.
Cute Gothic Vampire Girl
Dress up this cute vampire girl in some great looking Gothic clothes. Gothic fashion have always been popular with vampires, now it's your turn to make this vampire girl the cutest one of them all!
Use the mouse to play.
Illusion Dress Up
Dress up game for most mysterious character from flash RPG battle game, Summoner Saga. Dive her good outfit!
Mysterious girl, Illusion need your help to choose her outfit. Give her cute outfit. You can change her hair style, mouth, and giver her horn too~.
Gothic Girl Fashion
Gothic is one of the most adopted styles by the teens in recent times. If you are one of those kinds this is the game that reveals you inner Goth passion. Check out the outfits that will be perfect for Halloween or may be will suit the way you are. Dress up the girl and select the best blending accessories, do give her the best make up.
DressUp Gothic
Mathilda is going to a party tonight and all her friends are super goth.  She just started dressing goth and still is trying to get the hang of it and has invited you over to help give her a gothic makeover.  Use your mouse to find her the look that will be just right for her.
Roxy Gothic Fashion
Roxy Gothic Fashion Girl Dress up game.
Goth Girl Makeover

Ophelia is a goth girl in need of a complete makeover.  Give her a facial, dress her up and give her some sexy gothic make up in this dress up game.

Bella Bride
It's impossibly difficult to find your soul mate. And when your immortal, the odds of you finding the One suddenly becomes suddenly so much harder! But since this bridal beauty can turn any handsome hunk into a vampiric husband means she can take her time. Because time is what this immortal beauty has plenty of. :)
Mr Mysterious & Bad Bunnz
Don't young women know better than to go out at night in a gothic village by themselves? Don't they know better than to trust a guy in a cape who isn't Batman? Well, weird things happen on Halloween.
Gothik Fairy Styling
Gothic fairy styled girls like the dark and evil look! Put together the best dark fairy outfit possible for this girl, shes going to a fancy dress party and needs your help to make the best outfit for the dance! She called you for help because she know how good you are at making eye catching outfits. Prove her right and make the best outfit that will be at the party tonight.
Vampire Queen
This queen of the undead rules her kingdom of the night from a gothic castle, and the one thing she hates more than the sun is trespassers into her crypt. She'll deal with this intruder personally. FInd that look that will instill fear into the interloper's heart and make her subjects cower in fear!
Halloween Princess
Halloween Princess Dress Up by ! More fashion princess dress up games and celeb games at
Halloween Princess Dress Up by ! More fashion princess dress up games and celeb games at
Gothic Lolita
Dress up this dark lolita! Mix and match the styles and colors of the tops, skirts, gloves, stockings, shoes, and also drag accessories onto her clothes and hair to give her your unique touch of Emo Scene.
Goth Princess
The Goth Princess is going to have her first appearance! Help her choose the right outfit!
Goth Bride Dress Up

Test out your sense of goth fashion and style in this dress up game.  Dress the girl up in whatever goth outfits you choose from until you are happy with her new look.

Stormy Gothic Dressup
Dressup Stormy in her great gothic outfits.
Dress Up Elvira

Help dress up Elvira, the pretty gothic fairy.  She might be a little dark, but she loves to look her best.  Use your mouse to pick out the best outfits for her to look fashionable in.

Lolita Fashion
Lolita fashion is so amazing and do you know that Lolita fashion is a fashion subculture originating in Japan. There are many different styles like: Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita…. Now, do you want to discover this wonderful fashion? Play this game and meet Jamime who loves Lolita style more than life.
Cute Litte Goth Girl dress up
Dress up cute little goth princess
Gothic Angel Girl Dress Up
This goth girl angel has some dark styles and fashoins to choose from. You can do her makeup and also pick her clothes and even some dark wings to complete the look.
Gothic Gabby
Time for a cool and colorful dress up game, lets see how your fashion sense can deal with a style called Goth! This style is full of colors and cool tattoo like stencils for your skin! Brightly colored hair is also part of the style. Put together a cool and colorful Goth outfit for Gabby. Gabby is about to go meet up with her friends and she cant wait to show them what her professional stylist (you) has done for her!
Simply Gothic Dressup

This gothic teen girl just came back from a huge shopping trip and has bought all kinds of new clothes.  But what will she wear?  Help dress her up in her new clothing and find that perfect new look for her in this fashion dress up game.

Gothic Bride
Dress up with plenty of Gothic costumes to have a fun dress up game.
DM Office Styles
Use your fashion sense to design a swift creative look for working in the office.
Click and drag the objects onto the base. Use the buttons to change the look of the character.
Emo Gothic

This gothic fashion conscientious girl needs help finding the right outfit.  She just wants to look as good as her friends.  Can you help her.  Turn her into the goth princess she needs to be.

Magician Princess
Magician Princess, fashion princess by More fashion princess and celeb dress up games at
Magician Princess, fashion princess by More fashion princess and celeb dress up games at
Mysterious Gothic Fashion

This young mysterious teen loves her gothic fashion, but needs you to help find her a new look.  Pick through all kinds of outfits and fashion accersories and help her find that perfect look in this game.

Gothic Wedding
Today is Tammy's wedding and she just wants to look like the perfect bride.  She loves her goth style, especially medieval dresses.  Help find her the best outfit for her special day so she can look magical.
Gothic Girl
If you are looking to find gothic girls - this is the game for you! Find the inner gothic girl in you by dressing up in a gothic outfit for halloween, or just because you like it. You can expect to see a lot more vampires and Goth girls around. Vampires have even inspired a return to Gothic chic on the New York and Paris fashion runways! Also try on some accessories to match your hard edge style and makeup.
Gothic Pirate Dress Up

Colby is a gothic pirate about to head out to the high sea's.  Help dress her up in the perfect pirate clothes and accessories.

Gothic Fashion
Help dress this goth girl with her purple hair up in all kinds of various outfits, clothing and accessories so she is ready to go out.
Cute Goth Princess Dress Up

Indigo is a cute goth princess that loves her sense of style.  She loves it so much in fact that she will not take fashion advice from anyone.......except you.  Raid her closet and find her the perfect outfit for her to wear in this dress up game.

Gothic Ballerina

Play Gothic Ballerina.  Angela loves two things.  Gothic fashion and the Ballet and she loves dressing in a combination of both.  Use your mouse and click on any of the hair, clothing, or jewelry icons to choose something to dress her up in.  Each time you click a new clothing item will appear.  When you are happy with the item selected, move on to the next one until you are completely satisfied with her look.

Getting Ready for Halloween Makeover

This gothic girl loves two things.  Being a fashionista and Halloween.  She is getting ready for her first Halloween party and needs your help dressing her up in the perfect outfit for the holiday.  Find her something a little spooky and super cute to wear to the party!

Gothic Disco
Play Gothic Disco. Jessica is heading out for a night at her favorite club for a night of dancing with her girlfriends. The Gothic Disco has always been her club of choice and she always dresses to impress when she goes there. Find Jessica the perfect outfit to wear for her night out using your mouse in this dress up game.
Gothic Girl
Gothic Girl Dress up game.
Gothic Lolita Fashion
Haunting and beautiful, help Lily complete her Gothic Lolita style. Dress her up from head to toe in one of the world's most popular, subculture fashions
Gothic Girl
Gothic Girl Dress up game.

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What Is Emo Anyways?

Emo Fashion GirlHere at Emo Dress Up Games, we aim to bring you the best Emo games we can find.


But what the heck is Emo anyways?

Emo started as a music term defined by the hardcore punk movement that mostly went on in the DC area in the mid-eighties.  It literally was music that was emotional and then got shortened to emo.  One of the biggest misconceptions about Emo's is that they are all suicidal and depressed.  However, this is not true at all.  Just like all teens growing up and trying to find themselves, Emo's also struggle with finding their personal identity.

Today, it still relates to music, but is also considered a fashion style.  The majority of the fashion revolves around hair.  Big, long hair are always in style and feature side sweeping bangs, blunt cuts and chunky layers.  Other aspects like coon tails and adding in leopard print are also key to the look.

Make up is also very important, especially with eye makeup.  Since it's been said that the eye's are the window to the soul , and Emo's love to show off their emotions, they tend to highlight their eye's with black mascara.  Don't use too much though.  Too much eye make up will create more of a goth look and even though there are similarities between the two looks, Emo's always try to shy away from goth fashion.

Which brings us to clothing.  Black is always a preference, but the key is to avoid dressing all in black and hence looking Gothic.  Make sure you add in some very bright colors somewhere in your outfit.  This will help the outfit pop and make you look more emo than goth.  Especially bright hoodies will help you achieve the look.  Always try and stay away from sports brands like Nike and Reebok.  These will destroy any emo credibility.  However, the odd designer brand is ok.

As far as shoes, you'll want something flat and fun.  Think Converse or Van's skater shoes.  Something a little more punk instead of chunky, big boots that would go with a gothic look.

If your outfit still looks too dark and needs more flair, consider adding in colorful accessories and jewelry like wrist bands.

The most important thing is to be yourself and use your own fashion sense and never try to be something you are not or a poser.  Hopefully these dress up games will help you achieve your own personal style as well as give you new fashion idea's so you can look your best in your emo fashion.

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