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Belindas Bedroom

Belinda is a regular emo teen girl, but she has a problem.  She sure is messy!

Help Belinda clean her mrssy room up in this game.  You must do it as fast as possible because she has a boy coming over and doesn't want him to know what a slob she is.  How fast can you clean it up?  Challange your friends and see who can do it in the quickest amount of time.  Good luck.

Emo Amy Dress Up

Play Emo Amy Dress Up Online.  In this game, you have full control over emo girl Amy's entire wardrobe.  To play, use you mouse to click on an item of clothing or an accessory from Amy's closet on the left.  Then hold the mouse button and drag that piece of clothing towards Amy and let go and it will magically appear on her.  Keep changing her outfits until you love how she looks.  If you are stuck or looking for some fashion inspiration, click on Hints to see some outfit ideas.  Have fun playing dress up!

Emo Avoider
Collect sad feelings to put in your diary or in a sad poem... If you get a little bit happy you can always collect some razors to make you feel sad again...
Use your mouse to guide your emo to sad feelings and avoid happy thoughts. If you get struck by a happy thought use your mouse to collect razors.
Emo Beach Hangout

Summer is just around the corner and that can mean only two things.  The beach and Romance.  Help these two young emo lovers make time for each other at the beach so they can make out.  In this emo kissing game, you must help the young lovers kiss without them getting caught.

To play, use your mouse to click on the emo couple and they will kiss.  Release the mouse to stop them from kissing.  They don't want to get caught and you can only get caught 3 times per level.  If they get caught or someone is suspicious of their kissing and they are looking at you, simply click on them to turn them away and then continue kissing.

Each level will get harder and harder for them to kiss without anyone noticing.  But also keep an eye out for your time, if you don't fill the kiss meter before time runs out, you will lose.  Now get smooching and start some emo romance!

Emo Bedroom
Find the hidden objects from this Emo bedroom. Have a skill and more fun to play this game.
Emo Cupcake
Who said emos didn't like sweets? And Emo Annie is not the exception! Help Annie decorate the perfect Emo Cupcake.
Click on the thumbnails to the left to change the cupcake's flavors and colors. Drag the sprinkles from the right and drop them on top of the cupcake to make it prettier and tastier.
Emo Dance Party

Play Emo Dance Party.  In this game, choose between all the options to select the scene for your perfect emo dance party.  Click each option multiple times to change the scene until you are happy with how it looks. 

Emo IceCream
Make yourself a delicious emo ice cream.
Emo Ninja
Emo Ninja
Emo Ring
Design your own, unique, emo ring.
Emo Shortcake
Make a delicious shortcake and make it look emo!
Drop and drag from the right and click the arrows to choose at the bottom.
EMO Shoting
Use your YO-YO and hit as many EMO as you can. With your help this kids can be happy again!!!
Aim with your mouse and left click to release the YO-YO.
EMO Target
Save the EMO kid! Shoot the apple from his head and try, please try and not hurt him, not that he will not love it!
Click and hold your left mouse button, fix your target and then release your mouse button.
Emo Television Cozy

In Emo Television Cozy, you get to decorate a bedroom in a fun and funky emo style.  In this game, you start with a bedroom and it's up to you to choose how you want to decorate it.  Choose from all kinds of emo inspired furniture, rugs and wall decorations.  To play this room decorating game, click on any of the icons at the bottom to cycle through the available options for that item.  Keep picking and choosing until you love how the room is decorated.  Try out all kinds of different styles and let your personality shine in the bedroom.

Go Go Emo Rangers
The Official Emo Rangers videogame. Live the adventure of 5 emo teens who are summoned to save the World from a terrible enemy, thus becoming the emo rangers. This is a sidescrolling fight game, where each of the power rangers (player can toggle them) has an unique power. And make sure to watch the intro at least once! :)
Play with arrow keys (or WASD). Punch with Z (or N). Special power with X (or M). Any other instructions are in the game itself.
Kiss Me I'm Emo

In this emo kissing game you play as a cute emo couple that need a little privacy in order to get your first kiss.  But watch out for creepy onlookers at the park.  Avoid them and start smooching.  Use your mouse to hover over the couple and click to kiss.

Mall Kissing and Makeout
These to EMO style kids are deeply in love and don't mind performing public displays of affection for each other. The only problem is the other people are not too fond of public affection. Help these two kids kiss in public without anyone spotting them.
Right Hair Emo

Play Right Hair Emo.  In this game you run a popular emo hair salon that's the go to for teenage emo girls in the neighborhood. Each girl will come in with an idea of what she wants to look like.  It is then up to you to cut, style and color her hair to the look she wants.  As well you will also need to do her makeup.  This game will rely on your memory. so do your best to remember how the girls want to look.  Use your mouse to play and go through their makeover step by step.

Smile Annie
A simple shoot to score game with Emo Annie. Annie tends to go outside for a walk when she gets too depressed, and she always asks you not to follow her, even though you worry about her. So you secretly go after her and hide behind the bushes to throw magical smiley balls at her and cheer up. See how many times you can cheer her up before the time runs out.
Aim at Annie. Point and click using the mouse.
The Blind Date

Jessica's friends have set her up on a blind date and she is super stressed.  Who knows what kind of guy they've picked out for her.  Hopefully he enjoys her emo style.  Jessica is just too worried to even begin to pick out the right outfit for her blind date.  Help her put her stress to rest and pick out an amazing outfit that will knock that boy off his feet.


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What Is Emo Anyways?

Emo Fashion GirlHere at Emo Dress Up Games, we aim to bring you the best Emo games we can find.


But what the heck is Emo anyways?

Emo started as a music term defined by the hardcore punk movement that mostly went on in the DC area in the mid-eighties.  It literally was music that was emotional and then got shortened to emo.  One of the biggest misconceptions about Emo's is that they are all suicidal and depressed.  However, this is not true at all.  Just like all teens growing up and trying to find themselves, Emo's also struggle with finding their personal identity.

Today, it still relates to music, but is also considered a fashion style.  The majority of the fashion revolves around hair.  Big, long hair are always in style and feature side sweeping bangs, blunt cuts and chunky layers.  Other aspects like coon tails and adding in leopard print are also key to the look.

Make up is also very important, especially with eye makeup.  Since it's been said that the eye's are the window to the soul , and Emo's love to show off their emotions, they tend to highlight their eye's with black mascara.  Don't use too much though.  Too much eye make up will create more of a goth look and even though there are similarities between the two looks, Emo's always try to shy away from goth fashion.

Which brings us to clothing.  Black is always a preference, but the key is to avoid dressing all in black and hence looking Gothic.  Make sure you add in some very bright colors somewhere in your outfit.  This will help the outfit pop and make you look more emo than goth.  Especially bright hoodies will help you achieve the look.  Always try and stay away from sports brands like Nike and Reebok.  These will destroy any emo credibility.  However, the odd designer brand is ok.

As far as shoes, you'll want something flat and fun.  Think Converse or Van's skater shoes.  Something a little more punk instead of chunky, big boots that would go with a gothic look.

If your outfit still looks too dark and needs more flair, consider adding in colorful accessories and jewelry like wrist bands.

The most important thing is to be yourself and use your own fashion sense and never try to be something you are not or a poser.  Hopefully these dress up games will help you achieve your own personal style as well as give you new fashion idea's so you can look your best in your emo fashion.

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