Girl Go Punk

Andi is your typical punk rock loving, teen high school girl.  Everything in her life is great, she has good friends and good grades and loves punk rock fashion.  Andi's only problem is she just has TOO MANY clothes in her closet.  Now she has just transfered to a new high school and wants to start her first day by looking her very best and her punkiest!  Help Andi find that perfect back to school outfit in this dress up game Go Punk Girl.  To play, use your mouse to select from the different clothing, jewelry and accessories that Andi has in her closet. She has a ton of fun, funky and hot punk rock clothing to choose from.  As well pick out what kind of punk rock hairstyle she should rock on that very important first day of school.  Keep select different items to dress her up in until you are happy with how Andi looks.  When you are done click show and you can print or save how you dressed Andi up.  Have fun playing this dress up game today.

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What Is Emo Anyways?

Emo Fashion GirlHere at Emo Dress Up Games, we aim to bring you the best Emo games we can find.


But what the heck is Emo anyways?

Emo started as a music term defined by the hardcore punk movement that mostly went on in the DC area in the mid-eighties.  It literally was music that was emotional and then got shortened to emo.  One of the biggest misconceptions about Emo's is that they are all suicidal and depressed.  However, this is not true at all.  Just like all teens growing up and trying to find themselves, Emo's also struggle with finding their personal identity.

Today, it still relates to music, but is also considered a fashion style.  The majority of the fashion revolves around hair.  Big, long hair are always in style and feature side sweeping bangs, blunt cuts and chunky layers.  Other aspects like coon tails and adding in leopard print are also key to the look.

Make up is also very important, especially with eye makeup.  Since it's been said that the eye's are the window to the soul , and Emo's love to show off their emotions, they tend to highlight their eye's with black mascara.  Don't use too much though.  Too much eye make up will create more of a goth look and even though there are similarities between the two looks, Emo's always try to shy away from goth fashion.

Which brings us to clothing.  Black is always a preference, but the key is to avoid dressing all in black and hence looking Gothic.  Make sure you add in some very bright colors somewhere in your outfit.  This will help the outfit pop and make you look more emo than goth.  Especially bright hoodies will help you achieve the look.  Always try and stay away from sports brands like Nike and Reebok.  These will destroy any emo credibility.  However, the odd designer brand is ok.

As far as shoes, you'll want something flat and fun.  Think Converse or Van's skater shoes.  Something a little more punk instead of chunky, big boots that would go with a gothic look.

If your outfit still looks too dark and needs more flair, consider adding in colorful accessories and jewelry like wrist bands.

The most important thing is to be yourself and use your own fashion sense and never try to be something you are not or a poser.  Hopefully these dress up games will help you achieve your own personal style as well as give you new fashion idea's so you can look your best in your emo fashion.

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