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Steampunk Girl Dress Up

Play Steampunk Dress Up.  Rachel has just discovered the fashion trend of steampunk.  Combining elements of punk attitude and the love mechanical turn of the century fashion.  Rachel has just bought a bunch of steampunk outfits and isn't quite sure which ones she wants to wear before she meets up with her fellow steampunk friends.  Help Rachel find the right combination of outfits, accessories, and jewelry for her to wear. She prides herself on being the most fashionable steampunk girl amongst her friends so make sure she looks great.  Keep dressing her up until you are completely satisfied with how she looks and put your own sense of steampunk fashion to the test in this dress up game.  Dress Rachel up using your mouse.

Girl Go Punk

Andi is your typical punk rock loving, teen high school girl.  Everything in her life is great, she has good friends and good grades and loves punk rock fashion.  Andi's only problem is she just has TOO MANY clothes in her closet.  Now she has just transfered to a new high school and wants to start her first day by looking her very best and her punkiest!  Help Andi find that perfect back to school outfit in this dress up game Go Punk Girl.  To play, use your mouse to select from the different clothing, jewelry and accessories that Andi has in her closet. She has a ton of fun, funky and hot punk rock clothing to choose from.  As well pick out what kind of punk rock hairstyle she should rock on that very important first day of school.  Keep select different items to dress her up in until you are happy with how Andi looks.  When you are done click show and you can print or save how you dressed Andi up.  Have fun playing this dress up game today.

Glam Punk Make-Up

Play Glam Punk Make-Up, a fun makeover game where you get to decide what punk-ish outfits, accessories and jewelry to dress this girl up in.  Browse through all the different pieces of clothing, hair and make up you can choose from and use your mouse to drag it onto the girl. When you are done click finish and you will be presented with a Polaroid picture of the before and after looks.

School Punk Party

Play School Punk Party.  Kira is a rebellious high school girl that just got transfered to a new school.  She is about to start her first day of classes and is a little nervous about all the new people she will meet and wants to make a good impression.  Help dress Kira up in some fun punk fashions that she has in her closet.  You can cycle through all the clothing and hair options and choose the one's that you think will look best on Kira.  When you are done, you can even print her new look out on your home printer.

Fashion Punk Girl
Play Fashion Punk Girl, a punk dress up game.  Suzi is a fashionista and always has been.  She is the envy of all the girls at her high school because of her fashion sense and constant new clothing.  But Suzi has just discovered punk rock and although she still loves the fashion world, she wants to make her look a little more edgy.  Help suzi find her new look by selecting clothing and accessories for her to wear in this dress up game.  Remember that she wants to combine punk with conventional fashion so make sure she looks her best.
Backseat Emo Drummer

Play Backseat Emo Drummer.  Sasha is the drummer in an emo band that is all the rage in her hometown.  So much so, that word has spread to some of the neighboring towns about what a great band they are.  So they did what any band would do, go hit the road on a tour.  Sasha loves playing in her band, but she sometimes gets a little nervous and anxious so she has decided to practice all her drumming in the back of their tour van.  She also gets nervous when it comes to clothes.  She realizes that her band is about the music, but also about their emo style.  While Sasha practices her drumming, she needs your help to find her the perfect outfit for her next gig.  Use your mouse and select the clothing and accessories that you think will look best for Sasha at her next show.  Remember that drummers are at the back of the stage and can be easily blocked from the audiences point of view, so make sure she stands out in the clothes you pick out for her in this dress up game.

Emo Cousin Dress Up

Emo Cousin Dress Up is a fun game to play online.  Lara is spending the day hanging out with her favorite cousin Ingrid.  They love each other very much and are not only cousins, but best friends as well.  The one thing that they both love is dressing up in hot emo fashions.  Each one tries to outdo the other when it comes to their clothing and Lara needs your help to get a leg up on her cousin.  Help Lara find that perfect emo look. Use your mouse to click on the icons on the bottom to change through all her different options for hair, tops, pants, dresses, sneakers, jewelry and accessories.  Keep trying out all kinds of various outfits until you think she is a perfect emo teen.  When you are done, you can save a picture or share on facebook.  Challenge your friends and find out who has the best eye for emo fashion in this game.

Emo Amy Dress Up

Play Emo Amy Dress Up Online.  In this game, you have full control over emo girl Amy's entire wardrobe.  To play, use you mouse to click on an item of clothing or an accessory from Amy's closet on the left.  Then hold the mouse button and drag that piece of clothing towards Amy and let go and it will magically appear on her.  Keep changing her outfits until you love how she looks.  If you are stuck or looking for some fashion inspiration, click on Hints to see some outfit ideas.  Have fun playing dress up!

Punk Bride Dress Up

Play Punk Bride Dress Up.  The day that Ariel has dreamed of since she was a little girl is finally here.  She's getting married.  She loves her fiancee so very much and has been looking forward to this day.  Now that its here, she doesn't know what outfit will be right for her.  Her family wants her to be in a traditional wedding dress, but Ariel is a fun loving punk rock princess that does as she pleases.  She wants her wedding to be a punk rock affair and needs your help to find her an outfit that is equal parts elegant as it is punk rock.  Use your mouse and help dress up Ariel on her wedding day!

Emo Television Cozy

In Emo Television Cozy, you get to decorate a bedroom in a fun and funky emo style.  In this game, you start with a bedroom and it's up to you to choose how you want to decorate it.  Choose from all kinds of emo inspired furniture, rugs and wall decorations.  To play this room decorating game, click on any of the icons at the bottom to cycle through the available options for that item.  Keep picking and choosing until you love how the room is decorated.  Try out all kinds of different styles and let your personality shine in the bedroom.

Emo Beach Hangout

Summer is just around the corner and that can mean only two things.  The beach and Romance.  Help these two young emo lovers make time for each other at the beach so they can make out.  In this emo kissing game, you must help the young lovers kiss without them getting caught.

To play, use your mouse to click on the emo couple and they will kiss.  Release the mouse to stop them from kissing.  They don't want to get caught and you can only get caught 3 times per level.  If they get caught or someone is suspicious of their kissing and they are looking at you, simply click on them to turn them away and then continue kissing.

Each level will get harder and harder for them to kiss without anyone noticing.  But also keep an eye out for your time, if you don't fill the kiss meter before time runs out, you will lose.  Now get smooching and start some emo romance!

Punk Style Hairstyle

Play Punk Style Hairstyle.  Shelby is the lead singer of the pop punk band Gutter Darlings.  She has a big concert tonight and is in need of a makeover before she hits the stage.  She trusts you as her personal stylist.  Give Shelby a fun, punk look for her to stand out when she hits center stage.  Use your mouse to browse through Shelby''s wardrobe and pick your favorite clothing and accessories to dress her up in.  Don't forget about her hair.  She loves funky cuts, styles and most of all color.  Make her hair as fun as you wish.  Who knows, maybe her band will make it big and you can become a professional hair stylist.

Emo Cat Lover

Play Emo Cat Lover.  In this Dress Up Game, you get to dress young Steph up in all kinds of fun and funky emo outfits and accessories.  There are so many to choose from and as an added bonus, you can even choose what cat you want her to pose with.  Use your mouse and click any of the various circles on the right of the screen to scroll through the different options.  You can choose from hair, tops, bottoms, shoes, earrings, necklaces and dresses.  Have fun making all kinds of combinations from all the different outfits available and don't stop until you just love how Steph looks.

Black And White Emo Chic

Play Black and White Emo Chic.  In this dress up game you have total control on what emo girl April will wear.  April loves emo fashion, but she is really into black, white and grey clothing.  Mostly because she loves getting her hair done in all kinds of funky colors.  The black and white clothing really help her hair pop and stand out wherever she goes.  Dress April up and find that perfect outfit for her.  To play, use your mouse and click through all the different hair styles, clothing, purses, jewelry and accessories until you are completely satisfied with her outfit and how she looks.  You can even share your makeover of April on Facebook.  Have fun playing this dress up game today.

Gothic Ballerina

Play Gothic Ballerina.  Angela loves two things.  Gothic fashion and the Ballet and she loves dressing in a combination of both.  Use your mouse and click on any of the hair, clothing, or jewelry icons to choose something to dress her up in.  Each time you click a new clothing item will appear.  When you are happy with the item selected, move on to the next one until you are completely satisfied with her look.

Emo Mini Skirts

Emo girl Lesley has just gone out on a huge shopping spree and has bought a ton of new clothing.  Lesley not only love's her emo style, but she really loves mini skirts and thats mostly what she has bought.  Now she's heading out for a girls night on the town and wants to find that perfect emo outfit to wear.  Use your mouse to click on all the different clothing and accessories items Lesley owns and see which one's you think look the best on her in this dress up game.

Emo Bridesmaid

Play Emo Bridesmaid, a fun dress up game where you get to dress up a cute emo girl thats going to be a bridesmaid in the style you see fit. Select from a series of bridesmaid dresses, shoes, floral arrangements, hairstyles and more. The fun part about this dress up game is that not only can you choose the clothes and outfits for this emo girl to wear, but you can also change the color of the items. Drag the red, green and blue dials to add more or less color to that item of clothing or hair. When you are all done and think your bridesmaid looks perfect, you can snap a selfie and post it on your social media accounts to show off to your friends. What are you waiting for? Help dress this emo girl up with style!

Mila Kunis Style

Play Mila Kunis Style, a celebrity dress up game.  Become a celebrity stylist and help give actress Mila Kunis a makeover in this game.  Use your mouse to pick and choose how Mila Kunis should look before she heads out to hit the red carpet.  You know all the fans and paparazzi will be out there taking her picture so she needs to look her very best.

Sheer Spring Trends Dress Up
Spring is in the air and around the corner. Jenni loves all things spring. Whether it's the warmer weather, seeing her friends or buying a whole new wardrobe, jenni just can't wait for the spring season. Now that it's here, she has gone out and bought all kinds of new clothes and has a hair appointment booked. Dress Jenni up in some new spring emo fashions in this dress up game. Pick and choose from all sorts of flirty outfits and hair and make Jenni the cutest emo girl you'll see this season!
Emo Bride Dress Up

Play Emo Bride Dress Up.  Every little girl dreams about her big wedding and that day is now here for young Ariana.  She can't be happier that her big day is finally here, but she has no idea what she should wear.  Cycle through her wardrobe of traditional and emo styled wedding dresses until you are happy with your selection.  Then move on to the next step of choosing her hairstyle and jewelry.  Once you are finally happy and think she is ready for her emo groom to see her, click show and she'll be ready for her wedding pictures.  You can even change the scene that she models in.


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What Is Emo Anyways?

Emo Fashion GirlHere at Emo Dress Up Games, we aim to bring you the best Emo games we can find.


But what the heck is Emo anyways?

Emo started as a music term defined by the hardcore punk movement that mostly went on in the DC area in the mid-eighties.  It literally was music that was emotional and then got shortened to emo.  One of the biggest misconceptions about Emo's is that they are all suicidal and depressed.  However, this is not true at all.  Just like all teens growing up and trying to find themselves, Emo's also struggle with finding their personal identity.

Today, it still relates to music, but is also considered a fashion style.  The majority of the fashion revolves around hair.  Big, long hair are always in style and feature side sweeping bangs, blunt cuts and chunky layers.  Other aspects like coon tails and adding in leopard print are also key to the look.

Make up is also very important, especially with eye makeup.  Since it's been said that the eye's are the window to the soul , and Emo's love to show off their emotions, they tend to highlight their eye's with black mascara.  Don't use too much though.  Too much eye make up will create more of a goth look and even though there are similarities between the two looks, Emo's always try to shy away from goth fashion.

Which brings us to clothing.  Black is always a preference, but the key is to avoid dressing all in black and hence looking Gothic.  Make sure you add in some very bright colors somewhere in your outfit.  This will help the outfit pop and make you look more emo than goth.  Especially bright hoodies will help you achieve the look.  Always try and stay away from sports brands like Nike and Reebok.  These will destroy any emo credibility.  However, the odd designer brand is ok.

As far as shoes, you'll want something flat and fun.  Think Converse or Van's skater shoes.  Something a little more punk instead of chunky, big boots that would go with a gothic look.

If your outfit still looks too dark and needs more flair, consider adding in colorful accessories and jewelry like wrist bands.

The most important thing is to be yourself and use your own fashion sense and never try to be something you are not or a poser.  Hopefully these dress up games will help you achieve your own personal style as well as give you new fashion idea's so you can look your best in your emo fashion.

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